Paper 2 Tips

  • You MUST read clearly, understand and follow instructions strictly.
  • Click to open the paper format and study typical instructions.
  • You are allocated 2 ½
  • TIPS!
  • You are expected to ensure that you allocate time carefully to each question (roughly equally). Most candidates fail because they spend too much time on some questions and cannot complete the paper.
  • You are expected to read the general instructions carefully.
  • You are expected to be familiar with the examination format.
  • This paper tests four components of the English syllabus:
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Literary Appreciation (play/novel)
  • Oral narrative/ poem)
  • Grammar
  • This question tests your ability to understand and analyze various types of texts.
  • In this question, you are provided with a passage to read and then answer questions that follow after.
  • TIPS!
    You are expected to read the passage at least twice to pick out responses that should be evident in the text provided.
  • In this question, you will be provided with an excerpt from a set book: a novel or a play.
  • You are expected to clearly understand the textbook, especially the characters and roles each plays in the set book. That way, you quickly contextualize what happens in the scene of the excerpt.
  • TIPS!
  • Read the excerpt carefully and take note of keywords. The notes will assist you in getting exactly where the excerpt has been picked and help you compose responses that correspond precisely to what the examiners are looking for.
  • For questions asking about the immediate context of the excerpt, you are expected to explain what happens a paragraph before and after the excerpt.
  • For questions asking you to explain the meaning of a word, you are expected to give a synonym or a phrasal verb.
  • In this question, you will be provided with either an oral poem or an oral narrative, from which questions are asked.
  • You are expected to read the piece at least twice so as to familiarize with the context.
  • Questions asking about themes, character traits, mood, sound patterns and the literary devices should be answered by;
      1. Identifying each one of them
      2. Giving an illustration from the poem or narrative.
  • Be keen when answering questions on sound devices and never confuse them for stylistic devices.
  • This question tests on your general knowledge about grammar and requires a good grasp of grammar rules and appropriate use of language skills.
  • Have all the nine parts of speech at your fingertips.
  • You are expected to know all the punctuation marks and how to use them in a sentence.
  • You are expected to know the standard English word order (subject-verb agreement: S+V+O)
  • You are expected to know tense and aspect.
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