Paper 1 Tips

  • You are expected to be familiar with the examination format.
  • You should read the instructions to candidates (first page) carefully.
  • You are allocated 2 hours.
  • TIPS!
  • Click to open the sample Paper 1 provided here to familiarize yourself with the paper format and study typical instructions.
  • You should read clearly, understand and follow instructions on each question strictly.
  • You are expected to allocate time carefully to each question. Most candidates fail because they spend too much time on some questions and cannot complete the paper.
  • This paper tests your writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills. It is divided into three questions which are structured into:
  • Functional writing
  • Cloze test
  • Oral skills
  • This question tests all the functional-writing items in the English syllabus; you are tested on how to write them in their correct format and appropriate context or register. Specifically, the question provides context and asks you to write a functional-writing item based on it.
  • You are expected to know all the functional-writing items at your fingertips.
  • You are expected to master the steps and formats every functional-writing item takes.
  • This question provides a broken passage for you to complete by picking the most appropriate words for the blank spaces.
  • You are expected to have read widely on several topics to be equipped with a range of word use.
  • It is advisable to read the whole passage first without filling in the gaps to get its content, which will help you place the passage in a given context for the appropriate diction (choice of words) needed to fill in the blanks. Know that the content and context of the passage will provide direction and suggest the words you should fill in.
  • Reread the passage and attempt to fill it in pencil. Do it a third time and confirm the answers in ink.
  • Ensure that the words you use to fill the gaps are spelt and punctuated correctly. They should begin in capital letters if they start a sentence and in small letters if they come within the sentence.
  • Be keen on tense in the case of a verb, and ensure it agrees with the subject.
  • This is the third question in English paper 1. It tests on your listening skills, speaking skills and reading skills. The first part of the question tests reading skills; you will be provided with an oral song or narrative to read and then answer questions based on that piece.
  • The second part tests listening and speaking skills. You may be provided with a written conversation from which more questions are based. There could also be additional questions testing listening and speaking skills.
  • TIPS!
  • You are expected to have knowledge of all the listening, speaking and reading skills at your fingertips.
  • For questions about turn-taking, you are expected to know conversational etiquette fully.
  • Have all the phonetic sounds of English at your fingertips for ease of answering questions on pronunciation and stress.
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